>Winter morning donuts



If your household is anything like ours, then every morning you’ve been waking up to temperatures that only make polar bears and penguins happy. Brrrrrr!!!! Yes, it’s been a crazy cold couple of weeks and I for one can’t wait for a bit of sunshine! But until then, here is a yummy breakfast treat that helps combat the frigid chill. And it’s a recipe (if you can even call it that) that I’ve stolen from my mother-in-law, so I can’t take any credit.

But be warned – neat freaks and health nuts should not attempt to make these donuts. I’m just saying šŸ™‚

Ingredients needed:
  1. one can of biscuits (get the cheap kind that make the small biscuits, they’re like 8o cents for 10. any flaky, big kind won’t work well)
  2. cooking oil
  3. powdered sugar (you can also use cinnamon sugar, which i’ve tried as well, but in my opinion, the powdered sugar is the best and what i always go back to)

Step 1
using a deep pan, pour in about 2 inches worth of oil. Get the oil hot, close to boiling. On our electric stove, I set the heat to 6 (out of 10)- any hotter and the dough will burn too quickly
Step 2 –
take a biscuit and flatten it out to about the size of your fist and make a little hole in the middle (the flatness and hole help so that the outside doesn’t get all fried, while the inside stays gooey)
Step 3-
cook the biscuit for about 1.5 to 2 minutes on each side until it’s a crispy, golden brown

Step 4 –
pour lots of powdered sugar in either a brown paper bag or a bowl that has a top (both are pretty messy!)
Step 5-
(this is the fun step!!) taking the dough straight from the oil, put it in the bag or bowl and shake, shake, shake till it’s drenched in delicousness! (make sure you put the lid on or close the bag before shaking!)

The finished product—>
(drool-worthy, huh??)

Step 6 –
I lied earlier, THIS is the fun part- eating it!!! look how messy I am!

And so that you don’t have to just take my word for how yummy these donuts are, here are some pictures of another very satisfied customer:

she looks good in powdered sugar!

Grrrrrr!!! That’s my girl! Just going for it!!

Finger-licking good!

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  1. >your mom and I use to make these when we were little. but our fav were some small donuts in the frozen section you baked in the oven then we would drizzle hersheys syrup on them. Brings back childhood memories

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