>Snowed in Christmas


>Ahhhh!!!! So much to post about! The holidays and our trip really have me behind, but I’m trying to catch up because it’s such good stuff to share!

First off, on the morning of our big ultrasound, which was a week before Christmas, we awoke to a beautiful snowy white day. All the yummy feelings that accompany a winter snow were there- coziness, excitement, warmth, awe…….it just felt perfect. Bailey loved looking out the window at the snow and I couldn’t wait to get her out there to play in it. But then it just kept falling and falling and I started to get a little nervous about our plans. After our doctors appointment I was suppose to take Bailey and leave for GA so that I could be at a friend’s baby shower the next day (Steve still had to work Monday and Tuesday, so he’d be coming down later). But then the weather just got worse.

Around noon I got a phone call from the doctor saying they had to cancel my ultrasound because of the snow. I was SO heartbroken and probably totally freaked the nurse lady out by crying like a baby on the phone when she gave me the news. Hey, I’ve got pregnancy hormones people! ha ha! Honestly, I had been a little anxious about our trip with me being pregnant- the plane rides and going to the high altitudes in Colorado and then the fact that I hadn’t felt any movement……all that just made me really want to know everything was ok with the baby before heading out for two weeks. Well, as it turned out the roads were so bad that I couldn’t leave that night for Georgia, which meant I had to miss my friend’s baby shower. That was a HUGE bummer because I wanted to be there and celebrate with her so very much! She’s such an amazing girl and I wanted to see her cute belly and watch her open gifts and just share in the joy of it all with her. (We did end up getting a little one-on-one visit later, so that was nice!) But on the flip side of things, I did get to reschedule the ultrasound for Monday since I couldn’t drive out any earlier. So yay for that!!

So our little family of three and a half ended up spending the weekend holed up in our little apartment, surrounded by a swirling snow storm. It was so nice. Such special family memories that I will always treasure. We had our own little Christmas Saturday night. Steve even braved the cold and grilled some steaks for us outside in the snow so we could have a delicious dinner. That’s typical of him! Then we played Christmas music, read about Jesus’ birth next to our Candyland Christmas tree, and then opened gifts. Well kind of. Steve played with Bailey in another room while I set up all her Santa gifts for her. Apparently it’s a Southern thing to have gifts from Santa be unwrapped and displayed because no one else seems to do that; they wrap everything and just label it from Santa. Funny how traditions differ, huh? Well, with Bailey being a Southern girl (and me not wanting to wrap for three weeks straight!), we opted for the “lay-everything-out-from-Santa” option. ha! ha!

Besides missing the baby shower, it was such a fun weekend! On Monday we did get to our ultrasound (I’ll post more on that soon!) and then drove down to GA together (Steve’s school ended up being canceled b/c of the snow). Then we had our GA and CO Christmases- again, I’ll try to post on that at some point too! And my cousin Therasa had her baby, another son- Harlen Trey- and we got to meet him and hold him! Will DEFINITELY post pics of his cute little self! So lots and lots of good stuff going on. We are both so thankful for it all. Too many blessing to count, although I enjoy trying…….kind of like trying to count the stars! 🙂

So here are pics of our snowed in weekend and our family Christmas:

This is what we woke up to in the morning

Bailey just threw a snowball at me

I can’t remember what happened here, but it’s a funny face!

there’s our buried cars

apartment complex

the view from our apartment- usually you can see way out into the mountains, but not this time

warming up back inside- Bailey is enjoying her first cup of hot chocolate (which she of course spilled on the carpet…..ha ha!…..totally worth it though!)

mmmmm…..drunk on chocolate and marshmellows

our yummy Christmas dinner

Santa visited! She got an art easel, books, a ball, a puzzle, a doctor kit, and a new outfit -she must have been very good this year! 🙂

I know, I know….a 2 year old with paint and markers??? but she loves it and so far I’m not regretting it!

wearing her painting apron and her stethoscope

now everything in our house has a heartbeat that she must listen to
Oh and I also wanted to share my pitiful attempt at baking. For the baby shower I thought I was going to be able to attend, I wanted to make Oreo truffles. Easy recipe- literally three ingredients and suppose to be scrumptious! Well this is what they were suppose to look like (so nice and pretty and perfectly round):

And these are how mine turned out. Lumpy and bumpy and….. well, if you use your imagination, I’m sure you can figure out what they resemble! ha ha! But they did still taste good, even if I didn’t get to share them at the shower. Betty Crocker, I am not! 🙂


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  1. >I'm so glad you're back in blogland!! I missed your posts over the holidays!! So glad ya'll are doing so well and everything went well with the ultrasound!!

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