>13.1 miles down!



I tend to think of pregnancy as a marathon. Although it sometimes feels like it goes by quickly, nine months can also be a long time! So sticking w/my metaphor, I am now 13.1 miles done with this race! ha ha! Actually, as of today I’m a little further along, somewhere around 21 weeks, but you get my drift!

Here are some recent pics of me and my baby in my belly:

This is 19 weeks. Doesn’t my body realize that the baby is in my belly and not my booty??!! Why does that area keep growing too?? ha ha!

This is at my parents’ house, a little closer to 20 weeks. BTW- I think all pregnant women should own a pair of maternity overalls. They are ridiculously comfortable and though I can’t vouch for all husbands, Steve thinks they’re cute πŸ™‚
And now, without further ado, here is our new, cute little baby!!!!!! –

Profile shot- look at that big ol’ head…..must be a genius in there….hee hee!

sucking his or her thumb – SOOO freakin’ cute!

probably my favorite picture- on the right side he/she is giving a little thumbs down. the baby was also shaking its fist during the ultrasound, but we don’t have a picture of it. Is this kid Italian?? likes to speak with its hands!

ok, i’m not gonna lie, this is the face head on and yes, it looks a little Skeletorlike to me….but it’s my little Skeletor! ha ha! the doctor said they don’t have much baby fat yet so that’s why you see so much of the bone structure. don’t worry Little One- at the rate I’m eating, you’ll have PLENTY of fat before you know it!! πŸ™‚

So our ultrasound visit went perfectly. All looks good and we couldn’t feel more grateful or happy! Bailey was in there too and seemed to like when they put the gooey stuff all over my belly. She kept wanting me to hold her of course, only because I couldn’t, (the sibling rivalry begins), but other than that, she was great! I felt so relieved knowing all was healthy and when I told the doctor I hadn’t felt any movement yet, she said it was because my placenta was “anterior”. This means it’s at the front of my belly, thus making another layer between me and the baby, which will delay me feeling any movement for a couple of more weeks. Of course this ultrasound was done several weeks ago and I am feeling some movement now- so YAYYY!!!

Like I said before, we didn’t find out the sex, but I have to say, knowing that the ultrasound technician knew and I didn’t, WAS very frustrating. That was the only time I felt really tempted to just yell out “I want to know!!! Tell me!!” But I bit my tongue and kept thinking of that moment during labor where they’ll shout out “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” and I didn’t ask to find out.

Also, I think we’re finally getting close to some name options. It’s so tough for us, at least with boy names, because we have SUCH differing tastes! I love Sebastian (which he just laughs at) and he loves Bear (which I of course roll my eyes at) Seriously……Bear??!!! (Sorry if you know someone named Bear…..no offense…..just not my cup of tea.) I want something that sounds somewhat intelligent and thoughtful and he wants something that screams “I’m a manly man! Hear me roar!!” ha ha! But we’re getting closer to a compromise, so that’s nice. And girl names are a lot easier for us.

And for the record, right now my mama’s instinct is telling me it’s a boy. For one thing, when I was pregnant with Bailey I ONLY had girl names on the brain (seriously- we had NOTHING picked out for when we arrived at the hospital if it was a boy! Talk about risky behavior- ha ha!). And now I really only have boy names floating around in my head. But that’s the only reason. And the fact that I feel so much bigger than I did with Bailey. But whatever we have, boy or girl, we are going to be super thrilled!!! I would love for Bailey to have a sister, especially since I never had one, but I’d also love to experience the fun of having a little son! Either way, we win!

So that’s it for now……more baby pics to follow- though not of ours, of my cousin Therasa’s newest addition, Harlen. But now I gotta get off the computer, wake Bailey from her nap, and then we’re off to another doctor’s appointment. Just a regular checkup!


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  1. >You are the cutest pregnant lady every! I don't know what you're talking about feeling big. You look awesome. Really. Beautiful and glowing. Love the pics of the new little one! Looks like he/she is smiling. Another happy baby. He must know he's got some awesome parents and a great big sister to meet soon. So glad everything is healthy. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and we can't wait to meet the new little one. And I think its a boy too:)Love,Aunt Stacy

  2. >You really are the cutest pregnant lady! Only you could look adorable in a pair of overalls with a baby on the way! You rocked that look. πŸ™‚ I'm so glad everyone's healthy and that you got to see the little one. I do think it looks like a boy (although I know it's hard to tell). My sister in law had one of those 3D ultrasounds and even though they didn't find out the sex of the baby, he just looked like a boy! Anyway, I'm glad you guys are doing well! Stay warm!

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