>A White Christmas and The Attack of Santa (part 2)


>Since we are in an apartment this year, we are unable to get a real tree. Not fun for Steve who, growing up in Colorado, is used to just hiking out into his backyard and chopping one down. Lots of fun for me though because for some reason I’ve always liked the white colored fake Christmas trees. So this year I had the opportunity to get one. I don’t know why- they just look all fairytale, Candyland-ish to me. Just like them. And I figured when we do get a house and go back to the real trees, this can be a fun one to put in Bailey’s room. So here is our lovely white Christmas tree:

See if you can find the cutest ornament in the tree!

This is her first thing one morning after waking up. I try to hurry in there and turn on the lights in the morning before she runs in.

Grandcat and Aunt Cindy got her these cowgirl toys a few weeks ago. She loves them!


Playing with the tree right before bedtime

Didn’t you know that Christmas trees are best admired while standing on a truck in nothing but your Elmo underwear??

In her pretty Christmas dress from Grandma- all ready to go visit Santa!

This is so funny to me- looks like she’s sunbathing in the lamp- ha ha!

Playing on the mall playground before seeing Santa

waiting in line to see the jolly man

the friend she met while in line. making faces for each other- i love that kid!

still making faces.
about to see Santa….I’m off to the side behind the fence where I could take my own pics for free. if you go inside you have to buy their pictures. Santa is fun, but not for $17!
Ok, this is looking promising…..
Uh-oh!!! Repeat of last year- “I want my daddy!”

What a sweet Santa- still having fun with her

Afterwards they give you a paper hat with elf ears- she loved it

after the traumatic Santa moment, we had a relaxing dinner at McAlisters- yummy!

In baby news, tomorrow we go for our big ultrasound! We are SOOOO excited! This time around I’m using a midwife and besides this one, they don’t perform any other ultrasounds, unless of course there are complications and the need arises. So this will be the first (and hopefully only) time to see the little one before he or she arrives. We’ve heard the heartbeat twice, which is so amazing, but having a visual will make it feel even more real. Although my belly is certainly big and out there, I haven’t felt any movement so far, which makes it still a little hard to believe that there’s a tiny human growing inside. We aren’t finding out the sex, so we are just hoping to see that everything is ok and that he or she is totally healthy.
Then after the appointment it’s off to GA and then CO for Christmas family time. Hope you have a wonderful holiday with loved ones and that you get to experience the One who loves you most of all! Oh come let us adore him…….

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  1. >renee…i LOVE the ones of bailey in her underwear with the tree! and am so glad you are having a surprise for the sweet one inside! both our girls were surprises. so fun. merry Christmas, friend.–abby

  2. >I love those pictures with the white tree! So "fantasy-ish"! That is a total girls tree. 🙂 I'll be thinking about and praying for your ultrasound today! How exciting! I do not know how you stand not finding out the sex, but it will make the delivery day that much more special! Have a great and fun trip!

  3. >Great pictures! I don't think I've ever seen a tree like that – I like it! And congrats on the ultrasound – that is SO exciting!!! Go you for getting a midwife, that is so cool1 I want to hear all the details. 🙂 Merry Christmas, Renee!

  4. >oh your tree reminds me of cotton candy! i just want to drink it or something! it looks delicious! it will be perfect for bailey's room one day=) i wish our georgia time would overlap…i fear it will not=( merry christmas my friend! i'll keep you posted on the appalachian state status…

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