>Disney dreams do come true!


>My favorite cartoon Disney movie as a kid was always Robin Hood, the one where he was a fox. Although Little Mermaid gave it a run for its money, it still held the number one spot. One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when Robin finally spends some time with Maid Marian after being on the run from the law for so long. He takes her to a party where all his friends are dancing and laughing and eating. But what I thought was great was not the party, but rather how he GOT to the party. He and Maid Marian are walking in the woods, he’s being all suave and clever, there’s some romantic fireflies floating around, and then all of a sudden they run into this beautiful waterfall. (Well as beautiful as it can be for a cartoon) And being the dashing fox he is, Robin just pulls her inside the waterfall and they go behind it to find a secret passageway that leads to the party. And I have no idea why, but for some reason, that scene was SO cool to me as a kid. After seeing the movie I always wanted to go behind a waterfall. Not go through one or stand under one, but actually go and hide behind one, letting the water be a little curtain to hide me from the world.

Well several weeks ago (VERY behind on posting!) when my mother-in-law and brother-in-law were visiting, and we were still living in Burnsville, we went on a hike up in a city called Little Switzerland. And what do you know? It led straight to a gorgeous waterfall! And it was the kind that let you stand behind it without getting all wet. It really made me ridiculously giddy to be there and experience my little forgotten childhood dream. It is the simple things, huh?? So here are some pictures of our hike. It was also right when the leaves were at their ripest and fall was setting the woods ablaze. Pure heaven for my autumn-loving heart!

The beginning of the trail

The only one able to rival the beauty of the mountains! 🙂

Wearing my sunglasses and apparently rocking out to some little tune in her head. Looks a little Steve Wonderish to me- ha ha!

Please ignore my scary/messy hair!

I love the gold colors in this one

Happy girl!

She wanted to be like Grandma and have her own walking stick

I love how they’re looking at each other here

my Disney waterfall!

I truly have zero idea what I’m doing w/my camera, but I had fun messing w/the shutter speed with the water- made it look more fuzzy and dreamlike I think

Daddy taking Bailey behind the waterfall

-“I’m not so sure about this Mommy!”
-“Just wait- we’ll watch Robin Hood when we get home and you’ll understand” ha ha!

shots from me standing behind the waterfall


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  1. >OH MY GOODNESS! My aunt & uncle have a mountain house in Little Switzerland & I have hiked that very same path & been to that very same waterfall a million times…it's called Grassy Creek Falls by the way 🙂 Seriously, that's like a mile away from their house! How funny is that?! Beautiful pics by the way, love the slow shutter pics of the waterfalls, awesome!

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