Ok, I don’t exactly know on which chromosome my “goofy face” gene lays, but it’s there. I honestly didn’t realize this personality trait of mine until a few years ago. Apparently whenever someone wants to take a picture of just me, I am not capable of acting serious and normal. Instead, I get all embarrassed and make a dumb, silly expression or gesture. And of course the tongue is often involved. (Obviously Bailey carries this same gene). Normally it’s not such a big deal. However, a few months after Bailey was born I was going back and looking through pictures of when I was pregnant with her, missing my big ol’ belly, when I realized I hardly had any decent, sweet pictures of me carrying my beautiful first born. Instead, this is what I had (Be warned: there are some HUGE belly shots here!):

Apparently I think it’s funny to look like I’m going into labor??

My personal favorite is this last one because it made Kelly laugh her head off for like 5 minutes straight.

So my goal for this pregnancy is to number one- try to document more of the weekly progress of my ever expanding belly b/c it goes so fast that before you know it, you wonder how that tiny beer-belly-looking-gut turned into a smuggled beach ball under your shirt. And number two, to take a few shots where I actually look like a grown-up adult woman who’s about to have her second child, instead of one of my former middle school students who is incapable of acting half-way mature. So yeah, those are my big, lofty goals. Dreaming big, huh?? So here goes. Two of my first belly pics with Little One #2:

This is at 11 weeks. We had gone on a hike to a beautiful waterfall that day. Gotta post some of those pics soon!

This is 13 weeks right after church. Hence the make-up and dress! ha ha!

Don’t worry- I’m not gonna post a million belly shots, but just a few every now and then. Btw- I can’t BELIEVE how much I’m showing already. I hear you “pop” a lot sooner w/your second one and that definitely is the case for me, b/c with Bailey, I didn’t look this big till about 4 or 5 months! Steve keeps joking that I must be carrying triplets. And whenever he does, I “jokingly” punch him in the stomach. Very hard. ha! ha!

P.S. – Mandy- you’ve GOT to start a blog so I can see your cute baby belly!!! Living so far from you does NOT make me happy 😦


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  1. >I'm so glad you posted these! I don't like not getting to see your growing belly. You look beautiful as ever. Keep the pics and updates coming. And I think you should include a few silly Renee face pics in there too. Those are priceless!!

  2. >You are such a cute pregnant lady! That's funny that you "pop" more the second time – I've never heard that! But it makes sense. It's cute because even when you were very pregnant with Bailey, you look so thin and healthy! I can't wait to see more pictures of Littler One. 🙂 Are you guys hoping for a boy or a girl?

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