>Where’s Bailey?


>At our rental house we found a copy of the book Where’s Waldo? Bailey loved it and actually got very good at finding the striped little dude! I decided it’d be a fun and easy Halloween costume. She already had the bookbag, shoes, and sandals, so all we had to do was get a striped shirt and hat, a pair of glasses (just used those plastic ones w/the big nose, eyebrows, and mustache- just pulled those parts off), and a stick. And so we have our little Waldo! And technically she is Wanda, Waldo’s sister, who appeared in later editions. That way she’s actually a girl character instead of a boy! ha ha!

We were moving that weekend, so after hours of packing, we had a light night of trick-or-treating. Visited Aunt Cindy and Uncle Mike, GG (great-grandmom), and Mr. Mark and Mrs. Lucy. She looked like such a big girl standing in front of the doors with her bookbag on. It made me a little sad. I know that in just a few short years she’ll be wearing a bookbag and heading off to school. 😦 But she had fun and like any true daughter of mine, she loved the candy. Now her pumpkin sits on the counter and when she wants candy she comes up and says “pu-kin”. She’ll forever think pumpkins carry candy now! ha ha! Here are the pictures from our night:


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