>Mommy’s Little Hoarder


>In 20 years if you see this little girl on A&E’s show “Hoarders”, you will know where it all began. This is how we found her in her bed the other night. As usual we followed our routine of reading books, saying prayers, kissing good-night, and leaving her alone and going downstairs. And as usual, a few minutes later, we heard her little footsteps running around. Figured she was just gathering her nightly books to sleep with. Instead we find a toddler’s version of “Sanford and Son” in her bed. Here’s the inventory: Do You Have My Quack? book, part of a toy train set, a McDonald’s telescope toy, her stuffed kitty Jag, and a lamp shade. Yes, a lamp shade. Don’t even ask me how she got that off the lamp and into her bed. But apparently she needed it to get to sleep. Oh sheesh! What a goofy little girl we’ve got!

P.S. – For those of you wondering, my sanity is still in tact. So yay! It’s always a nice thing to have 🙂 So thank-you for any prayers or well-wishes you sent our way. It helped tremendously. Though the last couple of weeks have been really crazy and tough, I’ve felt God holding me in the palm of His hand. I’m so thankful for His guidance and care. Well there’s LOTS more going on and I’ll share as soon as I can. As of now we’ve got family visiting and not much available computer time, but I just had to share the picture above. Too funny to wait!


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  1. >Oh my goodness, I am STILL laughing as I type 🙂 This is too funny!!! I mean, a lampshade?! Really, that's just priceless! She's precious as always & so glad you're feeling renewed! Love you friend 🙂

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