>Bailey’s 25


>Ok, so I was going to do a post about what’s been going on around here lately, but honestly, I just don’t feel up to it. But I still feel like writing, so I thought about doing one of those “25 Things About Me” list, but not about myself. I already caved and did one on Facebook and immediately regretted it the second I hit “publish”. Although I loved reading other people’s, I felt so dorky writing one about myself. A little contradictory, huh? Oh well. I’m weird. So I thought maybe I’d do one on my favorite little girl in the world, Ms. Bailey. Plus she’s way more interesting than me! I think I’m gonna print this out and put in her baby journal (although I guess it’s more of a toddler journal now….sigh….). I think it’ll be fun when she’s older to look back and read all the little quirky things about herself from when she was two years old. So without further ado, here we go:

25 Tid-bits about Catherine Bailey Montgomery
    1. She’s a book hoarder. Right before she goes to sleep at night we read a few books, say our prayers, then say good-night and close the door. A few seconds later we hear a thump and little feet moving around and after a few minutes they stop. Turns out, she climbs out of bed to grab all the books we just read and then puts them in bed with her. When we check on her before going to bed ourselves, she’s sprawled in the middle of all these books. So funny!
  • When she falls down she says “Oh Man!”. I think she gets this from Swiper on “Dora the Explorer” b/c we don’t ever say it.


  • The girl is obsessed with orange juice. If she had her way, she’d drink a gallon a day. I’m surprised her skin hasn’t started turning orange.


  • The girl is a little glasses/contact case thief. Every day I have to hunt around for where she’s hidden mine….under the bed, beneath the pillow, in the drawer. It’s crazy. The house we’re in in now is old and the bedroom door doesn’t shut, so that’s how the sneaky one always steals it. Just wait Ms. B…….by the time we’re in our new house, no more swiping from you!


  • She’s not a big talker. She says the basic words, but no word that has more than 2 syllables. And putting words together? Doesn’t do it. But she knows what everything is when we say it.


  • She’s super friendly. Whenever we’re in a restaurant or store, she always waves and says “hi” to whomever is around. Then she says “bye-bye” when we leave.


  • She adores our dog Riley. I’m pretty sure Riley is her best friend. The amount of hugs and kisses and cuddling (and sometimes tail-pulling……shhhhh! don’t tell!) she gives that poor dog is ridiculous.


  • She’s way independent. The only time she throws a fit or temper tantrum is when she’s trying to do something on her own and can’t do it right, like put on her shoes. And heaven forbid you try to help her! That gets her going even more! I feel a little sorry when she gets all frustrated like that, but I’m hoping that determination will stick with her- good trait to have I think.


  • She likes to pick me flowers when we’re outside. Although now it’s more like leaves. She brings me these big old crusty brown leaves and I say “Oh! Thank-you Bailey”, but quickly eyeball it over to make sure there’s no nasty worm or spider lurking on it. I kind of miss the flowers. ha ha!


  • She was almost named Reece. Two weeks before she was born I told Steve “If it’s a girl, what about Bailey instead of Reece?” Obviously he liked it too. And we’re fully aware of the amount of dogs and cats with that name. It’s ok- our first adopted dog was named Bailey- ha ha!


  • She’s a jumper. If there is a puddle, she will jump in it. If there’s a log, she will jump off of it. If there’s a bed, she will jump on it. And if there’s a trampoline she will just jump, jump, jump.


  • She loves playing with other kids. So far she’s more of a follower and just loves to run around and chase the older ones and see what they’re doing and copy it. I love watching her do this.


  • She is the condiment queen. If there is ketchup or ranch or bbq sauce on the table, it must also be on her plate. And then whatever she is eating- nuggets, green beans, carrots, crackers- will inevitably get soaked in the stuff before she eats it. Kinda gross sometimes.


  • She makes the goofiest faces of any kid I’ve seen. Her new one is to roll her eyes ALL the way to the corner of her socket. I don’t know why. But it’s funny.


  • She loves her grandparents so much and when we were living with them, she would go through roll-call and ask about them every time she went to bed and woke up. “Paw-paw? Cat? Paw-paw? Cat?”


  • She mostly gets complimented on how pretty her eyes are. And they are. They are a hazely, greenish-brown. (Wonder if that’s a color you can put on your driver’s license??)


  • After we buy our groceries, she likes to ride on the bottom of the cart into the parking lot.


  • She’s a fierce coloring-book girl. The hours she spends coloring! And even though I never taught her, she actually holds her crayons like an adult. Steve and I always wonder if she’ll be an artist, which would be pretty cool since neither of us can draw anything more than stick figures.


  • She’s an excellent traveler. Out of the 12 plane rides she’s been on, she’s never cried once. (Of course I’ve forever jinxed us now) However, she did throw-up on me once (that was fun), but she had eaten something weird and went to sleep right afterwards. In that situation, I was the one crying. ha ha!


  • She loves looking at pictures. I show her slide shows of family pics on the computer and she points to everyone and says their name.


  • She’s starting to get a sense of humor. When we watch cartoons, she’s starting to actually laugh at the appropriate times. And it’s a huge, over-exaggerated laugh, which of course makes me crack up.


  • She now knows how to open the fridge all by herself. And up until yesterday she was good about it- only got her snack or juice and then shut the door. I thought “wow! She’s not too curious. I guess that lets me off the hook”. Spoke too soon. Yesterday she discovered the carton of eggs and I found her finger painting the floor in yolk. That was fun cleaning up. ha!


  • When she wants a quiet moment to herself she just curls up on one of the steps in our house. I guess it’s b/c the step is just the right size for her. It’s pretty freaking adorable.


  • She’s super healthy. Besides last week, she was never really sick. It’s probably b/c I’m a lazy mom who doesn’t de-germ-ify everything and lets her play in the dirt. oh well!


  • She is such an early bird like her daddy. ugghhh. (i am definitely not!) If she sleeps in to 7:00, it’s considered a late morning.


  • She’s perfect. I mean, of course she’s not really, but to me and Steve, she kind of is. My heart just bursts sometimes when I look at her or she gives me a big hug and I have no idea how we got so lucky and blessed to get her in our lives, b/c we surely don’t deserve her. But we are thankful, thankful, thankful. She’s awesome. (I realize I did one too many, but I just had to add one to grow on! It’s too hard just picking 25!!)


Honestly, that was super fun to do! I love studying people and writing lists about them! Yes, I guess I’m a little stalkerish….ha ha! I did one last year for my friend Emily’s bday and I keep meaning to do one for my dad who turned 50 last December (so what if it’s 10 months late??). If you have a kid or niece or nephew or friend or anyone you really care about, try making a 25 list for them and giving it to them as a little gift. I promise, you’ll have fun doing it and they’ll probably like it too. Of course I’m gonna have to wait a decade or so to ask Bailey what she thinks, but I’m hoping the response will be good! 🙂

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  1. >This is adorable! I am definitely going to have to do one for Owen. I just absolutely love the way you add the perfect photo to illustrate & compliment your point ever so often 🙂 Plus I just love looking at pics of your beautiful girl! Some of the things on your list make me wonder if our children are the opposite sex version of each other, they are really A LOT a like (I think we've both noticed this more than once, but it's so true!)…they're AT LEAST kindred spirits :)Oh and just so you know, an "About Me" about yourself would be one of the most enjoyable ones for me to read! You said you've done one…I think I may have to "stalk" you and find it 😉 Just gimme a clue…blogger…facebook…where? 😉

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