>Torn-up tummy


>Warning: this is going to be a yucky post chronicling the messier side of parenthood. Your stomach has been warned.

So it has been a rough week here in the Monty household. We were suppose to go to Tennessee and visit some family, but poor little Bailey ended up getting struck down by some awful virus that causes her to expel everything she eats in the form of liquid poop. I know. Gross. But honestly, that really is the most accurate description. It started Saturday night and has gotten progressively worse. Monday night she woke up about 6 times crying “pawwttyyy” (potty) and had to be changed every time. Between her and the skunk, I’m beginning to dread sleep for fear of wondering what icky smell is going to wake me up. Ha ha! J/k!

Then Tuesday when we were coming home from the grocery store, I looked back in the rear view mirror to see her projectile vomiting all over herself. Oh, my poor baby! And I couldn’t stop anywhere b/c we were on this weavy, windy road with absolutely no shoulder. So she had to sit in her throw-up for another 5 minutes till we got home. She did well though- no crying really. Just sat there and asked for me. And when she gets really tired or hurts herself or is sick like now, she starts calling me “Mimi” instead of Momma. So that’s what I heard during that long 5 minutes drive…..Mimi? Mimi? Mimi? Awww, my little girl!

I took her to the doctor yesterday, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do for her. Just said to keep her hydrated and let the thing run its course. And I’m so thankful b/c the doctor and the nursing staff were SO nice and helpful and really took their time with us. This is a huge contrast from our pediatric experience in Kennesaw. So that’s a blessing!

But considering all the issues she’s having, she’s really not acting too sick. Still pretty lively and playful and her normal cheerful self, which eases my mind a bit. Of course she’s getting a lot more extra lovin’ and cuddlin’ and special attention, which I LOVE giving her. It’s funny. You know when you’re a kid and you’re sick and your parents take extra care of you and it makes you feel all warm and cozy inside? Well being the parent and being on the other side of the sickness actually does the same thing. I have really treasured the moments of reading an extra couple of books to her before nap time or wrapping her up in my arms to watch another episode of Spongebob for the zillionth time or lying with her till she falls asleep because she didn’t want Mimi to leave. I like pampering my little girl.

However, even though I’m liking the coddling stuff, my stomach is just about to give out with all the poop and vomit. I have a wimpy stomach to begin with- getting sick on curvy roads, puking when I see others puking, getting nauseous w/certain smells- and these last few weeks I haven’t been feeling so hot anyways, so this definitely has been tough. Not that I’m complaining- this is what being a Mom is all about and I feel so thankful that I’m able to stay home and be the one to take care of Bailey. But me and my stomach and my nose will be happy when it’s over! 🙂 And I also have a whole new respect for nurses and caregivers who deal with this stuff on a daily basis. I am so grateful there are people out there who can handle these type of things well, b/c I know I certainly couldn’t! But I think we’re on the upswing of the sickness. Instead of 15 diaper explosions, we only had about 4 today. Much improved! And my mom, who was already planning a visit, is arriving tomorrow so that will be a tremendous help! Mommies always make things better, huh? Even when you’re 27 and “grown-up”, whatever that means!

Here’s the sweet girl getting some much needed rest during one of her naps:


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  1. >Oh you poor thing! And poor little Bailey – that sounds awful! It must be especially frustrating since you can't even do anything for her, just help her through it. She's so lucky to have Mimi taking care of her though. 🙂 Hope she's getting better!

  2. >I'm sending a prayer of healing your way!!! You guys need a break in the smelly department! What a sweet picture that is. She looks so much like you. This post is sad and funny at the same time because you can only look back and laugh years later when you think about the yucky moments. This story reminds me of when my brother was a year and a half and he had a "diaper explosion" all over the highchair, on the floor and everywhere near our table at CRACKER BARREL. My whole family was mortified!!! Thank goodness now we can look back and laugh, but Cracker Barrel has never been the same. Be thankful you guys were in the car and not in a restaurant!

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