>Rainbow Bath


>Apparently when you rent a fully furnished house, not only are you getting furniture and linens, but you are also getting BATH TOYS!!!! We found these Crayola bath tablets in the cabinet about a week after we moved in:

Bailey and I have had so much fun trying out all the different colors offered. It’s also good timing since I’m trying to teach her colors right now. So far she thinks everything is “yewhoa“- (yellow). ha ha! So here are pics from our rainbow bath adventures:

Red, even though it looks pink to me

Yellow- yeah, i know what it looks like- ha ha!

Green- definitely my favorite one!
And for those like me who are curious, here is what it looks like when you mix all the tablets together – not such a pretty color: If you have little ones at home, I definitely recommend trying out this Crayola bath toy. Lots of fun and it doesn’t stain the tub at all!

PS- As of now the offer on the house isn’t working out so well. The sellers are barely budging on the price and don’t want to pay any closing costs- boo! This is in spite of the fact that it’s been on the market for 5 months and hasn’t had any other offers. Oh well! We’re expecting to hear back from them today on our counter-counter offer to their counter offer. Whew! What a mouth full! If they aren’t willing to compromise then it’s back to house hunting for us. I’m already un-decorating the house in my mind….painting over the colored walls with beige and taking our pictures off the fridge. ha ha! I’ll post again when something substantial transpires! But thank you for all the good wishes and prayers and support! Means SOOOO much! We are lucky family to have such awesome family and friends! 🙂


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  1. >Those are certainly fun…maybe my neices will get some of that in their stocking this year! I didn't realize the house you were renting was fully furnished…I'm SO glad! This probably sounds random but I was walking around my house last night and for some strange reason had the thought, "Oh, poor Renee! I can't imagine having just unpacked and moved only to turn around and do it again in a month! I hope they left a lot packed!" So, I'm glad to know the house is fully furnished! Makes things a million times easier!

  2. >How fun are those bath tablets?! Pretty sure we're gonna have to get those, Owen would love them! It's so funny that Bailey calls every color "yewhoa"–every color is "bue" around our house (also known as blue…it's hard to phonetically spell that, ha!)

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