>Walmart Wildness


>Due to the fact that I was always a pretty good student (a.k.a.- nerd) I usually ended up being one of the teacher’s pets. Ughh. I know. This was mostly during elementary and middle school. I skipped too many days of high school for teachers to even remember my name, much less be one of their pets. ha!

Well the one exception to this was during 4th grade. Really it wasn’t my fault. I blame my teacher, Ms. Depetro. SHE is the one who created the seating chart. SHE is the one who sat me next to Robby Peppers. And SHE is the one who wouldn’t move me even after I asked.

Robby Peppers (isn’t that such a fun name to say?) was the exact opposite of my glasses-wearing, tight-ponytail-head, first-one-with-her-hand-up, straight-E-student self. (We got Es instead of As on the report card during that time). He was the class clown who ALWAYS got in trouble and never made good grades. But for what he was lacking in the academic word, he was making up in humor. He was SO dang funny! Having been a teacher myself, I now realize that Ms. Depetro probably sat me next to Robby in hopes of me being a positive influence on him. Oh how that plan backfired! Miserably.

Unknown to me at the time, deep down (or not so deep) past my teacher pet, nerdy exterior, I had the potty humor of a nine year old boy. It only had to be tapped. And Robby Peppers was the perfect boy to bring it to the surface. We sat there through class ignoring our lessons- him cracking inappropriate jokes and me laughing my head off.

Not much has changed since 4th grade. Despite the fact that I’m a mom, that I pay bills, that I’ve got a college degree, that I have a few traits that make me a so-called “adult” (I’ll go down fighting that label!), I still have a weakness for silly, inappropriate humor.

So imagine my happiness when a friend sent me this website that captures some “interesting” pictures of real life people in Walmart:

Basically I think I’m good on doing stomach crunches for the next week. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing for like 10 minutes straight.

So if you’ve got some time to kill and want a REALLY big laugh, clink on the link and enjoy. Here are a few of my favorite images:

That looks safe

I SO wish I felt that free with my body!

Of course the funniest part is the fact that we’ve all been to Walmart and seen sights like these. Or worse! ha ha! Enjoy!

P.S. – We are going to make an offer on a cute little house today! So very excited! It’s a little over priced so we’re hoping the sellers will remember that we are in a buyer’s market and act accordingly, otherwise it’s back to house hunting for us. That would stink since I’ve already decorated every room in my mind. ha ha! So keep your fingers and toes crossed for us! And have a good, fun weekend. We’re off to visit my parents and have some good family time, so yay for that!


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  1. >Oh Renee! I remember Robby Peppers and yes! He was quite hilarious back in the day and also got in trouble for cracking jokes..I wonder what he has been up to all these years, maybe its time to look him up on facebook..Hope you guys close on the house and enjoy family time this weekend.

  2. >I was in Wal-Mart not to long ago and a woman had on SMILEY FACE UNDERWEAR…how did I know this you ask? Well, I could see them through her pants…that's how. Yep, a big wal-mart smiley all over her butt…I've also recently seen a woman laying a small baby down on just a folded up blanket in the seat portion of the cart. You never know what you'll see in Wal-Mart! I've been tempted to take pictures but never had the guts. Glad to know some people in the world are brave/slick enough to do it for the rest of us! Good luck on the house…looking forward to pictures!

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