>Doubts and Assurance



Sorry I haven’t updated in a while about how things have been going in the country. Surprisingly, things have been a lot more busy than I had expected. First Bailey and I went on a five day road trip with my Mom and Grandmom to attend a family wedding in Ohio. It was fun. Four generations of Southern women in one car for long stretches of time. Steel Magnolias on wheels. (Actually, I think Grandmom and Weeza would be BFFs!) ha! It really was a good time. Lots of special memories. One of my favorites was when we were at the wedding and Bailey discovered the joys of twirling a dress.

This must be something that’s hard-wired in us girls.

Can never have too many pics of a pretty girl in a pretty dress 🙂

Plus we got to stop and visit my brother and sister-in-law on the way. Kyle shared his love of wheels with his favorite (only) niece.

Once we got back home Steve and I started our search for a house in Weaverville. It has been a really fun experience. First off, I’m a bit addicted to all things on HGTV and I LOVE the show “House Hunters”. So every time we go look at a house I have this running dialogue going off in my head. For example: “Which will we choose? House #1 – the cozy cottage with the unfinished basement, House #2 – the pricier modern that’s move-in ready, or House #3- the in-city bungalow in need of major TLC”. Does anyone else have TV dialogue going on in their head or am I the only crazy one out there??? Someone please admit it or lie so I don’t feel the need to run off and check myself into a mental institution! haha!

But aside from the fun house hunting part, things have been a little up and down around here. A few weeks ago we almost felt like packing it all in and heading back home to Georgia. (BTW- It feels weird calling GA home and not living there, but I don’t know what our home is right now….). Steve finally found out what his paycheck was going to look like (we were waiting on the results of a certification test he had to take) and let’s just say it’s not as peachy looking as it was when I was working in Georgia. Sorry- just couldn’t resist using “peachy” 🙂 Well, that’s fine, no big deal, we’ve lived on lots less, etc. But then we found out that the North Carolina insurance plan for teachers is also not so good. Most teachers actually buy outside, private insurance b/c it’s cheaper. That obviously stinks since half the benefit of having a job is actually getting benefits!! So we were financially down two strikes and then we started house hunting. Apparently we’re not the only ones who think Weaverville is a really good spot to live b/c others want to live there enough to make the housing prices a good 15-20% higher than the ones we’re used to in GA. So three strikes and we were pretty bummed.

Now I don’t want it to sound like we’re money hungry grinches, b/c we’re really not. Hello! We chose to be teachers as our professions! ha! But we do want to make enough to support our family. Especially to be able to provide good health care for ourselves. Funny timing that this is happening to us w/all the politics going on right now, huh?

So all these boring, adult details have been getting us down and frustrated. Lots of doubting and second-guessing and worrying.

But thankfully, SO thankfully, God has not let us down and has been there for us as we navigate this chapter in our lives.

He’s sent me a beautiful Mom, Grandmom, and sister-in-law to cry and vent in front of. Seriously- few things are as comforting as the shoulders of your loved ones.

He’s sent me phone calls from friends who just listen and understand.

He’s sent me an email from a friend with encouraging words, telling me not to doubt my dreams, writing that “He places dreams and desires in your heart for a reason…and I trust that He will provide in ways you’d never expect.”

He’s sent me His creation. Every single day I wake up here and look outside and I am knocked down by the sheer beauty of the mountains. I think I said it before, but it just does something to my soul to be up in these woods. Refreshing and stirring. I find myself going on longer and longer runs, not because I’m getting in better shape (I wish!), but because I can’t stop enjoying the view and want to keep going around each bend to see something new and gorgeous.

He’s sent me His Word. Honestly, I can’t remember a time since college where I’ve read and eaten up the Bible as much as I have this last month. (Probably one of the reasons He provided this isolated world for me for now, ya think?). The story that keeps coming to my mind is in Acts, right after Jesus ascended into heaven. The disciples are still standing there waiting on Him when an angel appears and tells them “This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven” Acts 1:11. When I read it I thought to myself “Wow! Those guys must have been disappointed when he never came back. And it’d be understandable for them to feel that way…..the angel makes it sound like He’s returning in the next 30 years or so and here we are, over 2,000 years later and waiting….”. Coincidentally (or not so much), my friend Josh blogged about this EXACT same thing like two days after I read the verse. You can read it here if you want.

Basically, after a few days of thinking and praying about the verse and things in general, I feel like God was telling me not to worry about stuff, but to be more like the disciples. I mean throughout Acts and the rest of the New Testament the disciples never sat around wondering and worrying about when Jesus was coming back. They didn’t doubt or second guess what the angel told them. Instead they went full steam ahead with their faith, most of them dying for it. There was no need for instant gratification or having all the answers right then and there. They knew enough about Jesus and His love to trust Him and follow Him at His word without having to have all the details sorted out. And that’s what I need to do right now. Not worry about when and how and what if, but rather just trust His plan for me and follow. He knows all about the details and will work it out in His time, the way they are suppose to happen.

Finally, besides friends and family and His Word, God has also sent me relationships. Although I haven’t really made any new friends up here (it’s only been a month!), every single person I have met and had some sort of contact with has been above and beyond nice and welcoming and genuine.

Examples: Our neighbors, whom we have never even spoken to, knocked on our door the other day to deliver some fresh tomatoes and corn from their garden. How nice is that?? Steve’s co-workers took us out to lunch after church last week and gave us tips on local hiking trails and preschools for Bailey. The owner of a house I looked at last week called me up NOT to check on whether or not I’m interested in the house, but to give me a list of teenage girls she uses as a babysitters. (Through conversation she realized we didn’t know anyone in the area). And the list goes on and on. It’s like, after every time I meet someone here I walk away thinking “Wow! Could they have been any nicer?? Now THIS is the reason we moved up here…..” I think this too can be connected to the story in Acts. The disciples weren’t hung up on the details of Jesus’s return (me being hung up on the details of finances and housing), but they were more concerned with the relationships they were building on earth for Christ. Sorry if that’s a stretch and doesn’t make sense, but in my mind everything relates to everything. It’s how I’m built I guess.

So that’s where I am right now. Still having moments of doubt and worry, but somewhere deep in my heart, often buried under tears and questions, is the feeling, the whisper from God that this is right. This is where we are suppose to be. And it will work out. Somehow.

As for other stuff- the cuntry living is not so bad. For the most part the local critters have simmered down (except for one other incident that I will NOT write about for fear of people shying away from me like a leper!) and I’m enjoying it here. I’m taking my friend Hannah’s advice and just imagining this time as a long vacation, removed from the busyness and hustle and bustle of suburbia. To quote Ross from Friends “I’ve been given the gift of time.” ha ha! Yes, I LOVE that show and find that most every life situation can somehow be backed up by a Friends quote. Does anyone know which episode that comes from?? If so, we are so meant to be BFFs! 🙂

I’m hoping my next update about things here will include something along the lines of “We got a contract on a super cute and VERY affordable home!”. But if not, that’s ok too!

Finally, in a completely unrelated story, here are some pictures of the local craft fair they had here a couple of weeks ago. Again, trying to balance out my MANY words with many pictures! It was SOOOO much fun! And such beautiful weather in a beautiful setting. Fairs are my absolute favorite and from what I gather, they are a regular occurrence around here. Yay!!

Bailey jamming out to the band playing – I love the expression on her face!

for some reason she got real cuddly when it came time to take the pic- I’m certainly not complaining! 🙂

getting her face painted- she sat SO still! i couldn’t believe it!

made sure she got a girly painting since she had no pink or purple on and i didn’t feel like correcting strangers all day……”no, she’s a girl, just not much hair and i don’t do bows” ha ha!

the local bee society or something. i signed up to join b/c i’ve always had a fascination w/hives. they showed me the queen in there- she was TINY! who knew??

hello lover! half cinnamon, half powder sugar funnel cake. droooolllll……..

making apple butter. the secret ingredient was the candy Red Hots! Can you believe it?? it was soooo yummy!

pottery dude

can’t wait for another craft fair!


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  1. >After seeing your new home and how beautiful, slow paced and friendly it is, I am here to tell you that you guys made a great choice for your little family!We enjoyed it so much and it felt like a vacation for us! Glad you guys are relaxing and enjoying this experience. And you're right…God will take care of the rest.Love you all! Aunt Stacy:)PSIt's from the one where Emily makes Ross move and he is justifying it saying that he will get so much work done on the train. haha Meant to be sisters;)

  2. >Has anyone told you today that you're amazing? 'Cause you are! 🙂 I love, LOVE the parallel that you made of Jesus' disciples in Acts to your life. Talk about life application! 🙂 Everything that you blog about seems to be confirmation of how God is preparing your heart & mind for great things. Try not to let the speed bumps get you down, but be encouraged for what He has in store yet to come! I just know it's gonna be SO, SO great!!! In the meantime, call me (ANY time) when you need someone to talk to, know I'm praying for you while you wait on Him, & know I love you so my sweet friend! …didn't mean to make that rhyme, but all the more better 🙂 Oh yeah, and enjoy that extended vacation 😉

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