>Cuntry Living


>You know when you’re asleep and dreaming and somehow a sound from the real world seeps over into your dream and the two get all mixed up? Like if you’re dreaming about school when your alarm clock goes off and then you hear the school bell ringing over and over again in your dream and it takes a second to wake up and realize the sound isn’t in your dream, but on your night stand….

Well that happened to me last night. But instead of it being a sound, it was a SMELL! Seriously! I was deep in sleep and dreaming about cooking something in the kitchen and Bailey was running around at my feet and the next thing I know I smell this awful, putrid, icky scent and I can’t figure out if it’s the thing I’m cooking or if it’s Bailey’s diaper. I kept moving around the kitchen, sniffing harder and harder, just trying to figure out where the smell was coming from, and then the next thing I know I’m awake with my nose all scrunched up and I’m wondering how I ended up in my bed and where did Bailey go. Turns out there was a SKUNK – yes, a real skunk! – right outside our bedroom window and it had apparently sprayed all over the ground and it’s awful scent was blowing right on in and waking us up. It was crazy!! I mean, to be woken up by a smell!! Sheesh! I have never smelled anything so nasty before! Steve had a much stronger stomach than I and was able to ignore it enough to doze back off to sleep, but I had to go crawl into bed with Bailey just to get away from the stench. And then when we woke up this morning we just kind of looked at each other and thought “Did that really happen last night or were we both hallucinating???”

Suffice it to say, I’m kind of getting over the country. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the country and all, but where we are in Burnsville, it is WAY back-woods cuntry. Like country with a “u”.

On one hand it’s beautiful and peaceful and quiet, but on the other hand the cabin fever is starting to settle in and I’m beginning to think Jack Nicholson’s Shining character was really just a good father who was a bit misunderstood. ha!

The thing is that while we were wanting to get away from a huge metropolitan area, we ended up going to the other extreme where we are just so far out and cut off from everyone. Burnsville is a town where people go to retire. There’s no neighborhoods; instead all the houses are spread out on acres and acres of land. Great for a week or two vacation, but not so conducive for raising a family where you want to meet other parents and have kids for your child to play with.

Examples of the cuntry living:

– It takes 40 minutes to get to a grocery story. Let’s not even talk about Target!
– The road our house is on is so narrow and windy that I can’t walk on it with Bailey b/c it’s too dangerous w/cars, so when I’m home with her I feel kind of tethered to the house or yard.
– The few neighbors we have (and I use that term loosely since they aren’t very close to our house at all) are all of the senior citizen variety. Now don’t get me wrong- I like elderly people, but I do want some friends that don’t wear dentures!
– And worst of all, our cell phones don’t reach out here, so it’s kind of hard to talk to people unless we drive about 20 minutes from our house.

On the flip side I’m enjoying the solitude and taking advantage of the time given- lots of reading, spending good time with Bailey, writing, praying, thinking…..but I’m also missing some interaction with live beings other than skunks and mice. ha!

So yesterday we drove about 30 minutes south to another town called Weaverville. It’s literally (and figuratively) in between Asheville (BIG city) and Burnsville (the cuntry). It has a cute downtown area that’s similar to the Marietta Square, but there’s also more modern areas with stores and neighborhoods and restaurants and parks. I looked at the Weaverville website and it’s described as “the perfect blend of small town and big city.” It might be just right for us! And bonus – while we were at one of the parks we met another young couple who is relocating there just like us. And they have a young child too! Our first NC friends…..yay!!!

I’m realizing that I’m a little more city-fied than I had thought. I guess that’s what this whole process and experience is all about…..finding where we fit in. Our lease runs out at the end of October, so hopefully between now and then we’ll find a place we can call home. Every night I just pray and ask God that He will lead our family where He wants us to be, where He wants us to lay some roots and raise our family. I also pray that I won’t be selfish and that I’ll go where He wants us to go, even if it’s out of my comfort zone. In my heart I do believe we are meant to be here in North Carolina – even though I feel lonely and miss family and friends and feel like running home sometimes – I just want to be open and willing to be in the exact community that God wants to place us in. And is it a coincidence that God put me in this remote, cut-off location for a few months? Probably not. And hopefully, by His Grace I will just be still and listen. And then follow.

So that’s it for now. Sorry for the loooonnnngggg post…….I DO try to edit, b/c I know my ramblings get too long for blog world (sorry Mike!), but I’m just not so good at it. But here are some pictures of life in the cuntry to balance out all my words. ha ha!

Our house for the next 3 months

Bailey says “Welcome Yall!”

View from the front porch – beautiful Smoky Mountains

There’s some sort of flower in the front yard that attracts a zillion butterflies -so pretty!

Little One helping me make blueberry pancakes some of our neighbors

the local elementary school- there’s only 70 students in the whole school! There’s 1 kindergarten class, 1 first grade class, 1 second grade class…… just one step up from Laura Ingles Wilder! ha ha!
sunflowers in the farm next to our house

Look at that gorgeous rainbow!

Little One likes rolling around in the cuntry!

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  1. >Wow, I'm jealous ya'll are in the beautiful mountains! Nope, not subbing anymore. A lot's happened. I broke up with Stephanie and got a new job in Birmingham. I've been out here for a couple of months and love it. I'm doing great. I'll be in Boone next weekend, camping and kayaking the Nantahala.

  2. >that's gorgeous!!! i guess it would be tough for longer than a week or two. soak it up-i know you will=) can't wait to see where y'all end up.you gotta love a hubby in a cut-off tee=)

  3. >So, so, so beautiful! But I totally get where you're coming from in you not envisioning it as a forever home. Weaverville sounds quite promising! I know God is going to place you in exactly the right home and it's going to be so perfect for ya'll! For now maybe you can just think of yourselves on an extended vacation 🙂 I think God must be preparing your heart for something unbelievably amazing—He sure picked a gorgeous place to do it too! Oh and by the way…those flowers with butterflies all over them are called butterfly bushes. We have them in our yard too, I love them!

  4. >Renee, you truly have a gift and it's wonderful to see that you're using it in such a special way. What precious pictures and honestly one of the pictures of the rainbow over your daughter's little head looks as if she has a halo of light surrounding her. May God's light continue to glow in your life and words. Peace and Grace, Diane Ellerbee

  5. >Michael – Good post, I like that you mentioned my name in the post. I really laughed out loud. I know it hasn't been long and we had gaps when we hung out but I already really miss you guys. linz birthday is next week and we were thinking about having a party and she was like I really want renee here, and then it hit me that yall don't live here anymore. HA, I still laugh sometimes how you and linz are good friends. Thinking back I didn't think that would ever happen. I haven't read your post in a while so i'm catching up now. Has steve already started Teaching? How is that going?

  6. >Love, LOVE the new pics and your thoughts on being open to the experiences at hand. It's truly precious to be allowed this look into your life. Things are still going well on my end. We saw the new one wiggling around and kicking and all kinds of moving around on the last ultrasound. I haven't had time or energy to post about it yet, but I hope to post about it soon. Love to you and the fam!~j

  7. >Wow, those pictures are beautiful (as usual). I love the ones of the cows with the light streaming through! You are really gifted. I'm so happy you're settling in and have such a positive attitude – you guys look so happy!

  8. >Cuntry or not, your place is B-E-A-U-Tiful! I love your photos. What a perfect picture of God's creativity and splendor. I hope you can enjoy it for what it is now and soon find the perfect place for you and your family.

  9. >Late coming, I know, I've just been catching up on blogs…but had to tell you a funny story. When we first moved to Fort Worth I was less than impressed. I mean, we just left Milledgeville, and Fort Worth was a much more metropolitan area than I had ever lived in before! I wanted a house back in the country so badly. About a year and a half after we had been living there we were back home for a visit at my brothers house, which was in the "cuntry". Aaron and I were sent to get dinner at McDonalds. Simple task right? Well, an hour later…back home with cold McDonalds I silently thanked God for my metropolitan home! 🙂 Now I really like where we live, but, as you can tell by some of my posts, I miss the "city" much more than I ever thought I would. That is what different pieces of life are meant to do for us, teach us perspective. Enjoy the one you have now. I'll be praying you guys find the place God already has for you soon!

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