>Settling In


>So we are finally safe and sound and tucked away in the mountains. Of course the “safe and sound” part might be a little debatable. On our second day here I was putting food away in the pantry and met a new little friend. A little fuzzy one with two big ears, a long tail, and beady little eyes. And sadly, he did not resemble our friend Mickey very much. Except of course for the red shorts he was wearing. ha! And we also have a big ol’ ax leaning against the corner of our living room wall. Perhaps a new toy for Little One to play with?

Nothing says “Welcome to the Country” like rodents and weapons.

All kidding aside, everything is actually very, very good. We did have a rough beginning the first day. Within the first 24 hours Bailey fell down a small flight of stairs (she’s ok, just a big boo-boo on the knee), Steve slipped in the shower and tore down the rod and curtain and banged his back pretty well (and yes, he’s milking it for all the back rubs he can get), and our dog Riley ran away for about two hours. Of course with our track record with animals, we thought for sure she was a goner. But she came back. Yay! We decided a hound dog nose and the country do not mix in a yard with no fence, so sadly it’s the runner for her. (Although she’s in the house 90% of the time so don’t feel too bad for her all you animal lovers out there!). And not wanting to be left out of all the fun disasters going on, I decided to get a case of food poisoning and throw up about 15 times. Ugggghhhh!! Just thinking about it makes my tummy hurt again! You would think it would be hard taking care of a toddler while you’re face is pretty much attached to a toilet bowl (ewwwww!), but it wasn’t so bad. Apparently having Mommy moan, clutch her stomach, lean over the toilet, stick out her tongue, and make the water splash around is very amusing. Needless to say, she was very entertained that day. Gotta love a two year old.

But since that first day, the drama has calmed down and we’re enjoying the mountains. Beyond beautiful countryside…..insanely friendly people……clean, quiet air. It’s good. I might be speaking a bit too soon – it’s not even been a week – but something about being here makes my spirit feel more alive. More on that later when I find the words.

I’ve got TONS of pictures to post- Lake Powell, Bailey’s 2nd Bday party, and life around here. As soon as I get them downloaded I will share! Till then, I want to tell my family and friends who read this- I love you and miss you already. That is the only negative about being here. If I could just pick up all my loved ones and plop them down here next to me, then all would be perfect. πŸ™‚ Till then, a guest bedroom with open, waiting beds will have to do! Just be sure to bring some mousetraps! πŸ™‚


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  1. >I miss you already 😦 !!! Glad to hear ya'll are settling nicely. I'm sorry that we were unable to come to the birthday/going away party…we had a crazy busy weekend, but were very sad to miss it. I do hope that we can come and visit ya'll really, really soon! Until then, much love & lots of hugs!!!

  2. >girl…an adventure awaits! I love it. I'm slightly jealous…mountain air, cabin in the woods (even with an axe in the corner πŸ™‚ those views! I swoon just thinking about it! From experience, being away from home is hard. Just is. Something about southern women is wired for family. But, an adventure is waiting for you! Enjoy. πŸ™‚ And, by the way, your blog is very very awesome!

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