>Pack, Boat, Unpack, Party, Pack, Unpack, NC


>It’s about to be a crazy couple of weeks.

Tomorrow we leave for our annual Lake Powell trip with Steve’s family. One houseboat, 11 adults, 8 kids, 4 dogs, 0 TVs, 0 phones, 0 computers, 1 week. Yeah, there’s basically enough stories there to keep me posting for months. All very chaotic, fun, adventurous, and cramped. ha! ha! Maybe one day I’ll get around to putting them into words. Till then, here’s some gorgeous pics of the lake from last year’s trip.

It’s sort of ridiculously beautiful, huh?

This is just a teeny, tiny glimpse into some of that chaos I was talking about. Bailey is the little baby crawling in the middle thinking “What’s going on here Mama??”. She couldn’t even walk then!

We get back next Saturday night, very late. Then the next day we’re having a party; it’ll be “Bailey’s 2nd Birthday and a Farewell to Georgia” party. This is my attempt at multi-tasking. I have to say, this might be the only party I’ve ever thrown that I’m not super-duper hyped about. For one, I just can’t get over the fact that Little One is about to turn two! I mean, really??? Didn’t I just have her like last week or something? And to be honest with you, between me having seen Benjamin Button a few days ago and almost being done reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, I’m not entirely convinced that these past two years have gone by in real time. Surely, some switch has been flipped to speed up the days, because between hearing the words “It’s a girl!” and now buying a #2 birthday candle, it’s just been a blur that’s gone by way too fast! Ok, now I’m wandering…..

Also, I’m a little sad about the party because it’s a sort of saying good-bye to friends and family. Not good-bye forever, definitely not that dramatic! But good-bye for a little while. For now. Moving away and leaving has always been something we’re going to do, you know, way off in the future. But now it’s something that we are doing; it’s here and now. In fact it’s the day right after the party- Monday Aug. 3rd. Little One’s exact birthday. Packing up the cars and moving to a little rental house for the next three months. And now I’m getting all sentimental, sappy, sad, and emotional. What a girl I am! 🙂

So that’s what’s going on now. I don’t know when I’ll be able to post and connect again. Smoke signals are about the only form of communication we have on the boat, and then our rental house is way out in the woods and not equipped with internet yet, so it could be a while. But I hope it’s not too long. I’ll miss hearing what’s going on in all my blog buddies’ lives (and btw Ms. Emily- you desperatly need to update!! yeah, i’m calling you out!) and I also can’t wait to share the (mis?) adventures going on in our move! ha ha!

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  1. >I have just become connected with reading your posts, thoughts, and adventures. Love it, Renee! Hard to imagine you all being far away yet look forward to seeing you here and/or on Facebook so I can keep abreast of your lives. Best wishes to all three of you on the move and new adventures!!!!

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