>27th Summer


>Out of 27 summers on this planet, this one is definitely ranking up there in the top five. While I got to go on some fun trips and visit with family and friends, my most favorite memories were of just doing very little – …..playing with Bailey……soaking up the sun and heat…..breathing. These last few years have been crazy hectic and I ended the school year feeling oh so worn down and tired and in desperate need of a respite. And that’s what this summer has been. Peace. Calm. Still.

And I’ve loved and felt grateful for every second.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside still waters,
He restores my soul
Psalms 23: 2-3

Those words sum up exactly what God has done for me this summer- even the imagery rings true. The green pastures……how many countless hours did I spend outside in the field and yard of my parents’ home just wandering and playing? The still waters……swimming the days away, teaching Bailey how to blow bubbles and jump from the side of the pool. And the restoring of my soul? Every simple and quiet moment pieced together a bit of my tired, broken spirit. It’s been good.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my summer. Of course they all involve Bailey- she is there with me through every step. And experiencing the summer with her, through her toddler eyes, has been a huge part of the peace and restoration. And joy! The joy that kids have- so contagious and inspiring!

SOOOOO much coloring! It’s her favorite thing to do! My little artist!
Tricycle time
She likes pulling me more than she likes riding herself! ha ha!

Seven beagle puppies and they are ALL boys!

Hi there world!

The pretty flowers Little One picked for me.
Helping Paw-paw water the plants

It was ice cold, but she loves pouring the water on herself. Funny girl!

And of course she loves it when we splash it on her!

Breaking out the sidewalk chalk
I outlined her and then drew a little dress on her. Geez, her left arm is so much bigger than her right…..gotta ask the doctor about that one! ha ha!
Little One’s creation.
Mama’s creation (not too artistic….just stick w/what i know…..Roy G. Biv…haha!)
playing around on the 4th of July
what an expression!
our weekly library visit. Watch out for “Fox in Socks”…..it’s a doozie!
Taking Chloe on a stroll

Now taking Chloe on a swing…..bless this poor cat!


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