>Missing my girl


>Tomorrow just can’t seem to come fast enough.

Right now I’m sitting in the Burnsville public library (which by the way made me read and sign a 9 page document just to use the internet!) waiting for Steve to get out of some meeting for his new job. He had to be here yesterday and today for some paperwork/human-resources stuff and since our three year anniversary is tomorrow, we decided to make it a little vacation for just the two of us.

And it’s been great! Really, it has. Spent Sunday at Dollywood eating tons of fried food, riding roller coasters (almost throwing up the fried food), and watching a couple of singing shows. I kept pretending the shows were like American Idol and I would critique the performers in my head with a British accent as though I was Simon. “That was simply DREADful!” Just kidding- they were all awesome.

Then yesterday I drove around town while Steve was busy and I think I found us a rental for the next few months while we find a permanent house to live in. It’s itty-bitty, super cozy, and makes my parents’ basement look like a palace. I think we’ll love it. 🙂

And then last night we were simply decadent. No other word to use. Since this is the first trip in three years that we’ve been on with just the two of us (honeymoon was the last one!), I pulled out all the stops. I booked us for massages at this GLORIOUS spa in Asheville called The Grove Park Inn. Un-buh-leave-able!! Seriously! We got there a couple of hours before out appointments just to use the facilities…..mineral spring pools, saunas, steam rooms, waterfalls for massaging your back, and then my personal favorite- the contrast pool. There’s one pool filled with hot water and jets and after you stay in it for a while then you jump into this freezing cylinder shape pool just big enough to stand in! It makes every inch of your body come alive! Crazy! Honestly, it was probably the three most relaxing hours of my life. And we NEVER do stuff like that- pamper ourselves and all – but it was fun! I highly recommend going there for anyone who wants a romantic getaway or a girls’ weekend or is just in need of some serious relaxation. We found it was worth every single penny!

But while all of this is great and fun, I can’t stop thinking about and missing my little girl! Besides the occasional one night sleepover at her grandparents’ house, I’ve never been away from her like this. I mean, I do believe husbands and wives need time just for themselves and I’m so glad we’ve done this, but still……I just miss her so dang much! All I know is that she better be a good girl and follow the instructions I left her to “not grow at all” and “don’t learn anything new” while we were gone. 🙂 It also probably didn’t help that I saw the movie My Sister’s Keeper two days before we left. Geez! What was I thinking??? (BTW- the book is MUCH better than the movie, but the movie was still decent.)

Anyways. One more night on the town and then back to my favorite place in the world- my little girl’s arms.

P.S.- This crazy 1975 library won’t even let me get on Facebook so I can look at pics of Little One! Sheesh people! Add a 10th page to that consent form and let me get some social networking done! ha ha!


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  1. >Your little one has been a very good girl and your dad has been spoiling her rotten. You will have to de-program her when you get home. She keeps saying momma…dadda…with her little shoulders up and we tell her you will be home on Wednesday and she is satisfied.

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