>The All-knowing Ipod


>Today I went on a run and what is the first song that plays on my Ipod? My Ipod that was set on shuffle and has about 500 songs to choose from??? A Michael Jackson tune!!! Of course it was the one from the Free Willy movie, so any shot I had at some street cred immediately went out the window. ha! But then after listening to that song (and remembering the ultra cool dance me and my 6th grade BFF choreographed to it), the next song that popped up was Queens “Another One Bites the Dust”. Creeeeppppyyyy…..

Too many random MJ death references on the day of his funeral and I was officially freaked out by my Ipod! But my silly story ends well. Towards the end of the run I was listening to Gladys Knight do her thang and riding the “Midnight Train to Georgia” and every time The Pips did their little “Choo-Choo!” sound I couldn’t help but smile knowing how much Ms. Bailey would love that song. She’s WAY into trains right now and has somehow developed the hearing ability of a bat (they can hear well, right??) and can detect a train miles away before we even notice. She starts raising her little arm, sticking her little lips out into an “O” shape and going “Choo-Choo!”. It’s so darn cute! Anyways- just thought I’d share the weird way the universe likes to freak me out and get me laughing all at the same time.

And yes, for the record, I am fully aware of what a dork I am. ha!


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