>You know how when bad things happen, they sometimes happen in groups of threes? Like this weekend w/Michael Jackson, Farrah Faucett, and that infomerical guy?? Seriously- if I was a celebrity I’d be visiting my doctor and checking on my health right about now! ha ha!

Well yesterday we had our own group of threes, but luckily it was all very good stuff!

#1 – A much loved family member got her biopsy results back and she was found cancer free!!! What a HUGE praise!

#2 – No sooner had we stopped jumping up and down for joy over that, than Steve got a phone call from one of his interviewers in North Carolina. He was really worried because just the day before he had gone up there again for a second interview, but unlike his first interview, he came back feeling discouraged and like he definitely wasn’t getting the job. So when the phone call came he got this grim, serious look on his face, stepped outside with the phone, and was gone for about 10 minutes. When he came back inside his face was all lit up and he said the four words we were hoping to hear: “I got the job!” Yeah, we basically just picked up where we left off with the first round of jumping up and down for joy!

#3 -And then finally, when it felt like the day couldn’t get any better, my mom came in the house and told us that one of their beagles, Rachel, was having her puppies. My parents have been breeding beagles since before I can remember, and let me tell you folks- there is nothing as cute and fun as little beagle pups! She had 7 squirmy little ones and they’re all so adorable and sweet- just squeaking around and nuzzling up to their mama for milk. I can’t wait till they’re big enough to play with- Bailey is going to be in puppy heaven!! (FYI- besides “mama” and “dada“, “puppy” was her first word and she loves them!)

So that’s it for now- lots and lots of good stuff happening. And with the job thing, Steve and I are both just so happy and relieved to have a plan and have some direction for next year. It’s been months and months of telling people that we had no idea where we were moving to and no idea what jobs we were going to find (if any!). And it’s been months and months of very concerned people asking tons of questions and looking at us like we’d lost our minds. šŸ™‚ ha ha! But now we know where we’re going and we feel so blessed to have these opportunities, especially in this economical climate. It’s such a simple saying, and one that’s used all the time, but it sums up the truth – God is good. And He was good before we got all this exciting news and He’ll still be good when we have a day of bad threes. No matter what, He is good.

And thank-you to everyone who’s been praying for us and supporting us and giving us well wishes. It is so very appreciated! Take care and everyone have a fun and safe 4th of July! Myself- I’ll be jumping up and down for joy over the freedom we have in our country- but this time I’ll be doing it with a hotdog in one hand and a sparkler in another! Gotta love the holidays! šŸ™‚


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  1. >Oh you are sooo right…GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!!! Even though He's taking my sweet friend and her family further away from me šŸ˜¦ I know He has HUGE plans for the Montgomerys! (not to mention we will have a fun place to come visit too, yahoo!) I am so excited for ya'll šŸ™‚

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