>Lots of changes have happened over the past couple of months. First off, my brother got hitched and I have a new sister. YAYYY!!! This is a big deal for me since I never had a sister growing up and now, due to marriages, I have 4 sister-in-laws! But I think I’m gonna drop that whole formal “in-law” thing and just pretend they’re my real blood sisters. I might even go so far as to make up past histories for ourselves where we grew up braiding each others’ hair, fighting over Barbie dolls, and gossiping about boyfriends we had. Can you tell I’ve always wanted a sister?? ha! ha! But pulling a “George Glass” and lying about my childhood?…….yeah, that might be pushing it a bit! Anyways- Stacy is now an official part of our crazy family and we’re all super happy to have her! Here’s a pic of the lovely couple:

Our new, larger family. We caught all eyes open and everyone smiling (a rarity for our family pics!) .

Another big change is that I did not renew my contract and resigned from my job. Talk about a tough decision! I mean I know deep down that I want to be a stay at home mom, but since I was the one working and all the insurance was under my job, that was a hard choice to make. But the thing with teaching is that once a contract is signed, it’s really not good to break it and I just didn’t feel right signing one, all the while knowing I would want to get out of it the second Steve found a job. So we’re keeping all our fingers and toes crossed and hoping he’ll land a position soon.

And lastly, the biggest change of all, is that we did sell our house! Woo-hoo!!!! What a blessing! Unfortunately we did take a bit of a loss because of the economy, but it felt worth it to us to be able to have complete freedom and move and live where we want to live. Moving was such a crazy, drama-filled situation- but isn’t it always?? It was kind of funny though b/c we had our contract signing scheduled for a Thursday and then it got pushed back and back b/c the buyers’ lenders were triple-checking their paperwork and taking a loooonnnnngggg time to verify all their funds – (something that I don’t mind, but think that if this type of scrutiny had always been occurring, them perhaps the housing market wouldn’t be in the state it’s in now……but enough soap box 🙂 So our closing and moving day ended up being on Tuesday, rather than Sunday like we had planned. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal except that all our scheduled movers (aka- friends and family) had to work that day (jobs? what are those??) and by that time I had scheduled for all our utilities to be shut off. So it ended up being just Steve and I doing the entire move with no water and no electricity. I don’t know what my favorite part was- filling up jugs of water at the neighbor’s house so we could flush our toilet (ewwwww) or having to pull our car up to the window at night and turn on the head lights so we could see to sweep and clean up the house before we left. ha ha!! Oh it was a crazy day! But I have to say, that despite all the hurtles, it was kind of neat knowing that Steve and I were doing it all on our own. Sure, a curse word slipped here and there and perhaps some heavy furniture was dropped on a toe or two and maybe, just maybe, someone decided to pee in the backyard bushes just to avoid borrowing toilet water again, (hee, hee), but in the end, we got it done. My arms were shot by the end of the day, but I felt like Sherra and he was my He-man! ha ha!

So where are we and our jobless selves living now you ask? A nice little place called The Morris Hotel. And by that, I of course mean my parents house! We stored all the big stuff at my grandmom’s house and we’ve got just the essentials in our room in my parents’ basement. (Don’t worry- it’s a finished basement- not a creepy, cellar like one where bugs and dead bodies are hiding). Everyone keeps asking me if it’s horrible living with my parents, but honestly, it’s actually really fun. I mean come on! They’ve got a pool and much better TV channels than we ever had! ha ha! j/k! But seriously, my parents are some of my best friends and I love hanging out with them and it’s been really fun and quiet cozy- lots of dinners together and lots of pool time together. Also, they adore Bailey and it’s so much fun watching them interact with her and I feel so lucky that she’s getting to spend so much time with her grandparents. Plus, knowing that we might be moving away- like really away- in the next couple of months, I’m cherishing every moment I get with them.

So that brings me to the future. What’s next? Our plan has been and still is to move to North Carolina. We’ve put in the paperwork to get our teaching licenses transferred and Steve has put in a lot of applications. We actually just got back yesterday from a five day trip to Asheville where we scouted out houses and neighborhoods and Steve even had a job interview. It’s for a high school in a town called Burnsville, which is 30 minutes north of Asheville. He would be a special education teacher and the assistant football coach! Bailey and I were waiting for him at the hotel while he was at the interview and when he came back 3 hours later I thought “Either they loved him or he got lost on the highways”. Luckily, I think it was the former b/c he chatted with the teachers and the coaches for two hours! He was so excited when he got back from the interview- said how nice everyone was and what a great small town Burnsville was. He kept saying it was kind of like Mayberry- everyone knows everyone and no one locks their door. Honestly, I was getting a little nervous b/c even though I would like to live in a smaller area than Metro Atlanta, I really don’t want to be in a place that has just a Seven Eleven and one stop light. (Yeah, I’m picky- so what!). But the next day we all drove up there and I really was taken back with the town. It’s has a neat downtown area with lots of cool, artsy shops and restaurants and they’re building a big, new library up on the highest hill of town, right next to this huge playground for kids. And the views! Wow!! It’s just so beautiful…….gorgeous blue hills and rolling mountains in every direction. It definitely was a pleasant surprise from the small, hick village I had conjured up in my mind! ha ha! And it’s only 30 minutes from Asheville, so it’s not completely removed from a big city.

That’s where we are right now. We are just waiting to hear back from this job in Burnsville (and still putting in other applications as well), and hoping it works out so we can soon get a mountain house and move up there.

I gotta say that although I had lots of fun during our little Asheville trip, it did make the possibility of us moving away that much more real. Sure, it’s something we’ve discussed and talked about a lot for the past few years, but now here it is, right in our face. In just a few months time I could be typing this blog from a small mountain town in NC (they get wireless, right??), four hours away from all my family and friends and everything that’s familiar to me. In one way it’s exciting, but it’s also very scary. I’m kind of hoping that whole six degrees of separation thing might be true, because besides my husband and daughter, I won’t know a single soul in the entire state. I know I’m 27 and should be all confident and stuff, but there’s still this 12 year old geek inside of me who worries, “Will I make any friends? Will I fit in? Will I find a church home? Will I find a niche?” I know these fears are normal and deep down I know everything will work out. When I look back at all the experiences in my life, the ones that have been the most fun and rewarding, were the ones that I was most scared of in the beginning. I trust this will be the same. And of course, more than that, I trust the hands that I put my life in. He has carried me in love thus far, and I know He will now. I have say, when I do talk to God about these worries and fears, part of the response that I hear from Him is something like “Just wait Renee……you’ll see……it’ll be great!…..I’ve got such good plans stored up for you……just trust me!……..I’m SO excited for you to see what’s going to happen!”. I don’t know if that makes much sense or not- but it’s just what I hear from God. Not to say that I think anything superstar amazing in the worldly sense is going to happen to me- I just have a feeling of calm and excitement (sound contradictory, but it’s not) that God is giving me about the future.

Well that’s where I am right now with stuff. Jobless, kind of homeless, and geared up for the future. I’m gonna try to update this thing more often when things change and all (I say “try”, b/c I’ve said that before, but constantly fail at it! Of course if I end up living in a place where I only know 2 people, it might be easier to make some blog time!).

Here’s we are 2 years ago on the day we moved into our house. Obviously waiting on Little One’s arrival!

Here we are the day we moved out. Obviously using self-timer on my car and in desperate need of having someone else take the picture. And help us move out! ha ha!


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  1. >This is what happens when I don't talk to you in like a week! You go on 5-day trips and make life-altering decisions! Well I am calling you tomorrow, woman!

  2. >i am so excited for all of your changes. there is this neat little place called chattanooga as well…just a thought. you both would love it from what i can tell about you both. anyway, i will keep you in my prayers hoping job hunting works out! xoxo

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