>Thursday Night Smorgasbord


>I’m in one of my spastic, non-coherent moods where all my thoughts are zinging around like a marble in a pinball machine. So since I have nothing really great, funny, insightful, or thoughtful to share (but do i ever??), I decided to just send out a random list of blah, blah, blah. Enjoy!

  • Right now I’m really itching to either get a tattoo or a nose ring. Most everyone I know hates both these ideas, which of course makes them all the more appealing…..ha! c’mon people…..haven’t you ever heard of reverse psychology?!??
  • My brother is getting married in 1 month! I meant to write a big post sharing the news, but got side-tracked w/spring break and all. I am beyond stoked b/c if I honestly had the choice, I could not have searched the earth over and found a sweeter, cooler, more fun girl for my brother. And she’s going to be my sister!! Bonus for me!
  • PS- about their wedding- she’s going to actually let me take their engagement pictures for them! I know!!! I don’t know what crack she’s smoking, but it must be some strong stuff! now i just gotta figure out how to really use my camera…..
  • I just discovered that Mentos (you know, those candies with the cheesy 80’s music) now comes in a pack of just strawberry flavored! This rocks! Now I don’t have to buy a whole pack just to throw away the other 70% that are the yucky flavors! Hello Starbursts and Sour Patch Kids!! Get a hint!
  • Apparently I’m having a very exclamation mark kind of day!!!
  • Little One, who is normally such a little independent thing, is going through a “Mama” phase where she says “Mama” all the time and she wants me to hold her the most and when she’s upset she immediately runs to me first. Does anyone know of a special pill I can give her to make her stay this way forever and ever and ever??
  • Our cat Patience ran away. It was about a month ago, but I’m still sad about it. 😦 This is animal number 4 for me and Steve that has either run away or died. As much as a I love them, I don’t think owning animals is our thing. Double sad face 😦 😦
  • I am so over this whole Mrs. USA pageant scandal thing. I mean seriously. When you ask a guy who makes his living drawing phallic symbols on people’s faces to judge beauty and character, what do you expect?? But I do give kudos to Ms. California for sticking to her faith- that’s awesome!
  • Saw two Cameron Diaz movies this weekend – The Holiday and What Stays in Vegas. The latter was stupid, but the first one……oooh la la!! I never saw why everyone thought he was such a big deal, but I am totally crushin’ on Jude Law now! A witty widower who speaks w/a British accent and looks good in dorky glasses?!!? I’m in love πŸ™‚
  • Little One likes to give real kisses now and sometimes when she wants something I make her give me a kiss as payment. Like “you want your sippy cup? Ok, that’ll be 3 kisses.” It’s my way of teaching her about capitalism.
  • We just finished our big state tests at school so I’m pretty sure that the 6th grade curriculum for the rest of the year will consist of reading poems, writing journals, making shadow puppets, using tons of Crayola products, and playings lots of Seven Up Heads Up.
  • I just burnt a whole batch of cookies. Again. How does 7 minutes go by so quickly???
  • Hubby graduates in just a couple of weeks and I wanna have some sort of fun celebration bash for him. What to do? What to do?? Any ideas??
  • Our house is under contract. Yay! So now we’re just jumping through the hoops of inspection and termite letters and all that other boring stuff. Now the question is, if all this really does work out and we make it to closing, where will go then??? The world is wide……
  • Finally, after trying to grow my hair out long and then succeeding, I got bored (go figure) and decided to chop it off. Impatiently, I did the bangs myself a few days ago and then today I finally got my friend Valyn to fix it and make it better. So check out the pic below and tell me what you think! If you have a negative opinion you better just post as anonymous so I don’t hunt you down and hurt you. hee hee. j/k! of course honest opinions are welcome. i don’t really like any other kind πŸ™‚
  • Well that’s it for my random rant. Have a good weekend and avoid the hail. Georgia has the weirdest weather.

This is me, 7 inches of hair lighter. Does this weight loss count towards my diet??


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  1. >–YES, YES, YES!!!! Definitely get a tattoo or nose ring! Please, please, PUHLEEZZEEEE do it!!!! (…thought I’d try my hand at the reverse psychology…)though if you REALLY want it, do it. you are beautiful either way.–so exciting that your bro gets married in a month!! and that you’re doing their engagement pics, pretty sure you’ve already mastered your camera though, i’m just sayin…–so sad that Patience ran away 😦 maybe she’s just on vacation and teaching you another lesson of patience, perhaps?…keeping my fingers crossed that’s the case–laughed out loud about the capitalism and kisses…may or may not share this with the hubby as i’m pretty sure he’d instill that as dichiara house rule.–congrats on the contract. that’s amazing especially in this market and I know God has awesome plans for your family…I just hope He lets you stay around at least for the first part of the summer so we can get some serious hang out time before ya’ll go!–LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new do! and that’s not reverse psychology here, that’s the honest to blog truth! (hehe, name the movie…) been dabbling with the thought of a new do myself and your cuteness is a push in that direction ;)–speakin’ of summer…4 more weeks!!!! that’s it and i can’t wait to hang out with you my friend, i miss you!

  2. >Go for a tattoo! And that’s no reverse psychology. I want to get one, but I’m sooo ohicken, if you do it, it might just inspire me. How are our brother’s old enough to be men? It makes me very sad. 😦 I’m tired of hearing about the “scandal” also. I mean Periz Hilton is a joke and the only reason he was a judge was because the network knew he would draw attention-whether it would be positive or negative-how sad. I’m proud of Ms. Cali for standing by her decision and not caving. She said that she didn’t want to offend anyone with her decision, but either way, she was going to offend one side or the other. Many, many good lucks to you for selling your house. P.S. We have a cat if you want one again! πŸ™‚

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