>Perfect Day


>Do you ever have one of those days that are just absolutely perfect in every single way? In the smells, in the sounds, in the sights, in the tastes, in the feelings, in everything?? One that you just want to ball up into a perfect little memory and hold between your little hands forever, keeping every tiny detail in tact and in place? Those days are rare and oh-so-special! And for me it’s usually days that aren’t full of plans or full of unusual adventures, but rather moments that are just normal and familiar and comforting and simple.

I had one of those days a few weeks back. It was our one and only snow day so far here in Georgia. I remember just waking up into a quiet snow globe and feeling like we were the only people in the world. Bringing Little One into bed to romp around with for a while….watching silly cartoons on the TV……then going downstairs to fry up some bacon and listen to acoustic songs on the radio. The day just got better and better. Little One got in her red cone-head snow suit and played in the fat flurries- and man, were they fat! They were the kind of snowflakes that made you sit back and believe in the whole “no two snowflakes are alike” stuff you learned in elementary school science. After she was worn out I rocked her and put her and her pink cheeks down for a nap. Oh I could rock her for hours! Then I brewed some yummy coffee (hadn’t had it in weeks, which made it taste a million times better!) and settled into some conversation with my Creator……prayers, journaling, reading. Not a single light was on in the house- just the curtains open and the snow falling. Peaceful is such a weak word to describe how it felt.

When Little One got up it was time for cookie baking. I was given the glorious opportunity to introduce to Little One the joys of baking- licking the doughy beaters. (I find that part to be way more scrumptious than the finished product!) While the cookies were in the oven I entertained Little One by doing the robot to songs that would never require the robot (does any song really ever require such a weird dance??). Seriously, doing sharp, staccato movements to a rock tune or a country jam is bound to make someone laugh. Especially an 18 month old. Her giggles rock my world.

The day just got lazier and lazier as it rolled on. Cuddling with the hubby on the couch. Watching bad TV and not caring. Reading pages and pages of books. Eating way too much and moving around way to little. Staying warm. It was just such a perfect day. In every single way.

What’s one of your perfect days? I’d love to hear 🙂


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  1. >Renee your photos are always so beautiful! And don’t say it’s the camera–it takes more than just a good camera to take such photos 🙂

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