>Goofy Gal


>My last post was all about the changes and decisions going on in our family, and while they are big and important to us, I forgot to share the biggest change of all- our little girl! She is just growing up faster and faster everyday (sniff, sniff) and it’s such a blast to watch her little personality bloom. I’ve always felt she was a spunky little lady, but lately her silliness has reached a new level. Honestly, there is not a single day that goes by that she doesn’t do something to make me “pee-my-pants” laugh. Not literally. But close. ha ha! My favorite thing she does is when she makes this face we call “The Eyes” and she scrunches her eyebrows down and looks all mad and serious. It’s hilarious because she does it when she’s as happy as can be, not upset about anything. She’s just figuring out that she can use her eyebrows, but in the meantime she looks angry and mean while doing it – I love it! We always bust out laughing when she does it, which makes her draw her brow even deeper. Anyways- just thought I would share some of the goofiness that is my lovely daughter. Hope she makes you laugh a little. But not enough to make you pee your pants. hee hee.


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