>Well it’s official- my little family is now as American/Apple Pie as you can get. This past weekend we got a cat. This bumps our count up to 6: Steve (Daddy), Me (Momma), Bailey (little one), Riley (Beagle), Jeopardy (goldfish), and now Patience (cat). Steve says all we need now is a bird and ferret and then our collection will be complete. I would say yes to all that, but then we’d obviously have to get a lizard or snake so as to not leave out the reptile family and that’s where I’d have to draw the line – ha ha!

So how did our new addition get such a weird name like Patience? And no- I’m not trying to be like the posh celebrities who name their offspring after fruit and dangerous New York burroughs- but there is a story behind the name.

We decided a couple of months ago that we’d get Little One a cat for Christmas (she was a very good girl this year), and being the procrastinators that we are, we waited till Christmas Eve to do the job. Well my biggest concern was about finding a cat that liked tolerated children. While at the shelter perusing the aisles of cages, a brown and white furrball kept meowing at us, and so we decided to get him out to play. I immediately knew he was the one for us when Bailey hugged him with her kung-fu death grip and all he did was purr contently. Ahhhhh!!! We found a winner!

So we took his card up to the front desk and started the adoption process. Halfway through all the paperwork the office lady realized a mistake: the cat was chipped but they had forgotten to call the owners. They told us that if we wanted the cat we’d have to wait another week and that was only if the owners didn’t reclaim him. I was so disappointed!

Now usually when my mind is made up and I want something, I get very tunnel visioned and determined and don’t stop until I get what I’m after. That can be both a good quality and a not-so-good quality. hee hee 🙂 But for me to just leave and not go find another cat somewhere else, well that was kind of unusual. It’s just that something inside kept telling me to wait, to be patient. Several times throughout the next week Steve brought up the idea of driving to another shelter and looking at cats, but I kept saying no- we had already found our cat and he was waiting for us.

Well as soon as the adoption date arrived, I drug Steve and Bailey out of the house early that morning so that we’d be first in line to adopt him. I was actually worried someone else might take him! Nevermind the fact that there’s never a line for adopting adult cats at a shelter! poor little guys 😦 But anyways- he was there and so we brought him home! yayyyy!!!

Later on that day I went on a run and I was thinking a lot about the New Year and stuff like that. I’m not one to really make resolutions about changing lifestyle habits – (I’ve accepted my house being cluttered and I’ve come to grips w/those last 5 pounds. Well…..almost. hee hee) – but lately I’ve started to realize what an impatient person I can be. Like I said, when I want something, I work hard and go after it and usually get what I want. Although such behavior can nurture a strong work ethic, it can also lead to impatience and a need for instant gratification.

And the worst part is that when I do get impatient and find things aren’t going my way as quickly as I’d like for them to or just the way I want them to, I usually end up lashing out on the people who mean the most to me- namely my hubby and family. Isn’t that horrible?!!? These are the people who I treasure more than anything on this earth and yet they can so easily become the targets of my frustrations! So I’m really trying to work on that- work on being patient and taking a deep breath- and more importantly, allowing God to handle everything and to handle it all in His perfect timing.

This also means that I need to be more patient with myself. As much as I get stressed and take it out on others, I am ten times worse on myself. I am slowly learning about the person God has created me to be, and I easily get down on myself when I feel like I’m not where I should be. But just as I should allow grace and patience with others, I should also allow it for myself. So that’s my goal- more patience and grace – for others and for myself. Geez……I thought this post would be all about kitty cats and look where I go wandering??? ha ha! The detours my mind takes……

Anyways – it’s my idea that that when I look at my sweet brown and white cat, and when I say his name, I will remember my goals. We’ll see how it goes! Enjoy the pics of our cute Mr. Patience……he’s curled up purring next to me right now……I love it!

By the way, Bailey absolutely ADORES Patience. It’s funny because she doesn’t have any habits like sucking her thumb or carrying around her blanket or anything, but one cute little trait she has is that when she finds something soft (like a sweater or blanket) she will completely nose-dive and bury herself in it and wallow around on it for a while. It’s so cute!! Well Patience is basically just another soft thing for her to nuzzle in. She literally lays on top of him and rubs her face on his fur. And he takes it. Somewhat willingly. ha ha! We seriously could not have picked out a better cat for our rough and tumble family!

He has the prettiest eyes- they’re a golden, orange color

And this is why we picked him

Little One loves her live stuffed animal!

I hope animal cruelty people don’t come after me! ha ha!


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  1. >Oh my gosh! How very sweet Bailey is with your new cat..so loving and affectionate and your brave cat is patient and just takes Bailey’s never ending nuzzles like a pro..You guys lucked out on an amazing cat, glad the little one is enjoying him.

  2. >Wow, those pictures completely melted me! I was going to scroll down to respond to your cute adoption story and resolution, but I got totally sideswept by those ADORABLE pictures! She is so precious…so gentle and sweet. You can tell she’s a kind little baby. Some kids her age would rip the cat’s fur just to get a reaction (sounds pscyho but I’ve seen it happen with kids who aren’t used to pets)! She is so gentle…and the cat is being a good sport about it (although with the way Bailey is sitting on it, Patience doesn’t have much choice)! What a sweet little girl :-DAlso, let me say that I commend you for adopting a cat from a shelter! A few pet owners I know spend hundreds of dollars going to a “breeder,” and while that’s their decision, I think it’s selfish to be supporting wealthy dog owners when there are poor little puppies suffering in shelters. Just because an animal is in a shelter doesn’t mean it’s violent and/or will hurt your child…plenty of them are loving animals that just got the short end of the stick. So, I’m glad that you saved one! And it looks like Bailey is too. :-)I also commend you for trying to make patience part of your life. That’s something I struggle with, too. Mostly with big things – before I moved to NY, I was obsessing about every detail of my life there. Before Mike proposed, I had half our wedding planned (in my head at least). Now, I’m starting my M.Ed. classes tomorrow and I’m already worrying about getting angsty punk kids in my English class or getting burned out! And don’t get me started on babies – I have been obsessing and planning my future children’s lives since I was about 11 (literally). I already have half my registry made in my head! It’s sad…Mike and others tell me to relax and enjoy where I am NOW. It’s so hard for me to do – I’m a planner! I’m not one of those people who can sit on a rocking chair and just “be.” Even if I’m not thinking of the past or the future, I never think about the present – I’m dreaming about random things. But anyway…I’ve given up trying to be patient in the sense that you’re talking about, because I just am such a believer in free will (one of the major reasons Catholicism appeals to me). I do believe that God COULD and CAN guide everything in the universe, but it’s just not my belief that He does. But that’s a topic for another blog post. 🙂 I think it’s great that you’re going to breathe and focus more on the things you can change, and trying to be patient. It reminds me of Charlotte in s6, when she just KNEW that she and Harry would find their baby. :-)Enjoy Patience!

  3. >Patience is GORGEOUS! I LOVE those eyes…and so perfect for Bailey and her hands on loving 🙂 How cool is our God that he teaches us lessons through our animals?! Remind me sometime to tell you my story (well on going story, He’s still working!) of how God has used (is using) Margo to minister to me and teach me patience too…Oh, I feel another lunch date coming on…SOON!!!!!!

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